We are a global company focused on improving safety and productivity of mining machines. We are a company who value integrity, innovation, persistence, attention to detail, hard work and dependability above all else. Our products are agnostic, not tied to a specific OEM or mining equipment distributor. We tailor solutions to each clients’ requirements and are a level 4 BEE partner.

Our Vision:

The realization of autonomous & efficient mining machine operation, free from danger to personnel,

thereby putting people out of harm’s way, whilst achieving dependable & optimal daily production quotas.

Our Mission:

nerospec OSCON are an Original  Equipment Manufacturing company, committed to the role of realizing practical and affordable mining machine automation & safety systems.

We were established through years of individual and corporate experience, acquired in the diverse field of mining specific technologies.

This specialized knowledge of applicable technologies converges to formulate a company of professional individuals, united and focused on the objective of providing reliable, responsive and effective solutions to the requirements of our mining customers.

Our commercial success ensures that our company may continue to invest into the growth of its people, its product portfolio, its enabling infrastructure and its ability to offer a professional and affordable service to its customers.

Our working environment seeks to balance the importance of highly technical and creative processes with the urgency, planning and discipline required to produce, supply, commission and maintain our products and systems, throughout their lengthy life cycles from concept to obsolescence.

Our Target Audience

    • Mines, Mining Houses, Consulting Engineers, OEMs of heavy equipment (TMM)

Our Target Area

    • Global

Our Clients

    • Glencore
    • Anglo American
    • Zimplats

Our company specializes in

    • Tele-remote and Remote control of Trackless Mine Machines (TMM)
    • Speed Brake Interlock and Over speed prevention of trackless mine machines (TMM)
    • Interface and Communications with Trackless Mine Machines (TMM)

Our Industry falls under

  • Surface and Underground Trackless Mining Machine Electronics

Our company was established by

    • Michael Bruno
    • Richard Bruno
    • Sean Bertinotti
    • Wikus Jacobsz
    • Johnathan Baptist

Our company slogan

  • Identify, Innovate, Implement

Our servies and products we provide

    • Hard-Line remote control & Tele remote Systems
    • NeroHUB PVD interface and TMM on board communication device
    • Oscon Speed brake interlock and over speed prevention device.

Our differences compare to our competitors

  • Our products are agnostic, not tied to a specific OEM or mining environment. We tailor solutions to each clients’ requirements.

Our value added services

    • A safer mine
    • Improved productivity
    • Reliable Data source direct from TMM
    • Reporting of TMM statistics

Our inspiration

  • Our customers’ most challenging engineering and operational requirements drive us to identify, innovate & implement solutions to those challenges.

Our BEE level accreditation

  • BEE Level 4

Our other supply details