A universal Vehicular Control, Communication & Data-recording electronic sub-system. Tailored to augment mining-machine performance, maintainability, safety & incident reporting.

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What is the purpose of NeroHUB?

A highly capable “standards-based” sensor and interface HUB, which is agnostic to the choice of Machine and the specific Collision Warning or Prevention System or CWS, as used throughout the fleet.
The neroHUB has been conceived to compliment the industry’s existing and future solutions to effective Collision Awareness and failsafe Collision Prevention.
Consultation with the CWS manufacturers, the Trackless Mining Machine OEM’s, the Chamber of Mines, the Department of Mineral Resources directives and the Mine Operators themselves has highlighted the requirement for the neroHUB.
Its purpose is to bridge the deficiencies encountered in practical systems, which resulted from disparate objectives of mining machine OEM’s and CWS OEM’s.

What types of trackless mining machines can the NeroHUB be installed on?

The neroHUB may be universally installed on both older generation Tier 1 & Tier 2 Trackless Mining Machines, as well as the more modern Tier 3 and Tier 4 power platform based machines.

How does the NeroHUB augment the CWS functionality?

The neroHUB leverages off a multi-split architecture, composed firstly of a secured “communication facility”, secondly a “high-integrity event and motion recording facility”, and thirdly a “flexible and OEM programmable real-time power electronic & data acquisition system”.


Enhanced Interface and Sensor

Enhanced Interface and Sensor Functionality

  • The neroHUB facilitates additional functionality, which is not ordinarily available nor easily accomplished on mining machines operating outfitted with CWS equipment.

Fail-safe Provisions

  • It includes provision for fail-to-safe electronic to hydraulic control interfacing, to and from the mining machine.
Data Acquisition & Recording

Data Acquisition and Recording

  • It includes a mechanism for “high integrity / high accuracy” recording and logging of all CWS to MACHINE instructions, with the resultants being permanently stored to on-board non-volatile memory.

Secure Wireless and Wired Communication

      • It includes a mechanism for securely reporting the live, as well as the recorded data, via optional radio and/or copper connections between the neroHUB and external devices or systems.
Management & Technical Reporting

Management and Technical Reporting

  • It includes a unified “cloud based” and “personal device based” computing software solution for mobile devices as well as distributed-reporting systems.
Galvanic & Optical

Galvanic and Optical Isolation of Systems

  • It includes guaranteed 1500 Volt galvanic and optical isolation between the mining machine and the CWS.
Programmable Interlocking

Programmable Interlocking

      • It includes a configurable interlocked protection against unsafe instructions from the CWS.
Interchangeability of CWS Equipment

Interchangeability of CWS Equipment

  • It leverages off standardization of the relevant electrical interfaces, such that the CWS electrical interfaces, from multiple vendors, may be interchanged without implications to the mining machine electro-hydraulic systems.
    Built in Self-Test Capabilities
    It includes built in self-test capabilities for the neroHUB itself, as well as test features for all signalling and power electronic interfaces, too and from the neroHUB.
The Independence Advantage

The Independence Advantage

  • The neroHUBs commercial & electronic independence from the Trackless Machine OEM and the CWS eases proprietary information exchange, improves accountability, and has distinct litigation advantages.
International & Local Standards Compliance

International & Local Standards Design Compliance

  • The neroHUB has been engineered to comply with ALL relevant and applicable local and international standards pertaining to mining machines.


  • The neroHUB’s value lies in its ability to provide an effective, vendor agnostic, homogenized vehicular interfacing solution, thereby addressing many of the practicalities of CWS implementation, on all variations of trackless mining machines. The failsafe power systems, secure communication, and high integrity data-logging, through its isolated and “command-interpreting” interlocked interfaces, facilitate independent event reporting and improved machine control accuracy. This contributes towards the implementation of an effective Collision Warning and Prevention System with consistent performance and reliability, throughout your fleet.

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