Oscon 3 is a speed brake interlock device developed to meet the specification set out in Section 3 by Anglo American to slow down or apply the brakes of Trackless Mine Machines, thus preventing vehicles losing control or running away on the decline. Oscon 3 will retard the speed of a vehicle by removing power from the engine should the pre-set speed limit be reached.

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On Board Diagnostics

Self-diagnostics are run when the unit is powered up. Electronics functionality is checked as well as key circuits which are monitors for line breakages, reverse polarity and tampering. A fail Safe Relay has been incorporated, which will drop out should the unit detect that the microprocessor has ‘frozen’. Depending on the mine engineer’s preference, this option may be wired in to stop the machine or to warn the operator.

Speed Control

There are 3 speed threshold settings, one for incline, decline and level operation. These set points are programmed into the machine at the mine’s specification. When this limit is reached the vehicle’s throttle is deactivated for a pre-set time (usually 1 second) then the vehicle may proceed again as usual. This is done to train the operator to remain within a speed below, that which is specified by the Mine Engineer.

Over Speed

A second set point is programmed at a higher speed (usually 2 km/h higher than the speed limit). When this is reached the vehicle will lock down immediately. It may only be released using a RFID tag which is issued to authorised personnel only. These events are all logged with a time & date stamp and current status of all sensors.

Axle Temperatures

Two analogue temperature inputs are provided which typically measures the temperature of the cooling oil for the front & rear axles. These temperatures are logged and may be used to lock down the machine at pre-set levels. These are versatile inputs which could be used for measuring the temperature of any other place on the machine if required, e.g. transmission, water temperature, &c.


Oscon 3 is a smart device which measures inclination. Once the vehicle has passed a certain pre-set incline or decline angle, then the device will automatically activate the respective thresholds speed limits, which will apply while the vehicle travels on the incline or decline. Once the vehicle has levelled out the device automatically revert to the level threshold speed limits.

Man Machine Interface

  • Speed, Temperature, Inclination, lockout, &c. are displayed on a 3.5” colour TFT display.
  • A vertical multi-coloured LED bar graph indicates relative speed.
  • An external sounder warns the driver that the speed control zone has been entered or that the vehicle has been locked down.

Data Storage

Over speed and exception events are recorded with a time stamp to internal non-volatile memory for incident report investigation. (Exception report)
Optional data logging may be activated to record parameters such as speed, temperature, inclination, roll etc. every minute. This feature can be used to determine machine movement times, parked times and general running speed, this can be used to assist with maintenance planning. (Management report)

Product Specifications

Inputs & Outputs


  • Input Voltage: 18VDC – 28VDC (12V optional)
  • Input protection: Overvoltage and Load and Dump
  • Current Consumption: <300Ma
  • Sensor Options: Speed Tachometer Sensor (PNP)
  • Temperature Sensors: 2 x PTC


  • Fail Safe Relay: Potential free, 2A
  • Park Brake (Optional): Potential free, 2A
  • Emergency Brake: Potential free, 2A
  • Throttle: Potential free, 2A
  • Sounder: Potential free, 2A
Visual & Audible Interface

Visual & Audible Interface

  • 320×240 3.5″ Colour Display: Speed, Max Speed, Temp (front & rear), Pitch & Yam, Status, Date & Time
  • LED Bar Graph: Safe, warning & over speed
  • LED Inclination: On incline (user-defined)
  • High Inclination: On High incline (user-defined)
  • LED Call Engineer: Lock Down, Call Engineer
  • LED Slow Down: Max speed back has been reached


  • Enclosure: Sealed Powder Coated 2mm Mild Steel
  • Protective Screen Type: Perspex
  • Fasteners: Sealed, Encapsulated
  • Connectors: Amphenol Mil Spec
  • External Bracket: Powder Coated Stainless or Mild Steel


  • Reset: Easily done by RFID Tag
  • Self-Diagnotics: On-board
  • Speed limits: User defined, Level, decline limits
  • Lock Down: Engine to idle, brakes applied
  • Speed Sensor Fail Safe: Movement detected sans speed – timer
  • Inclination angle: User programmable
  • Spare Inputs & Outputs: May be used for Engine Protection or bespoke option
  • Over temperature: Warn or machine lockdown option
PC Interface & Communication

PC Interface & Communicaiton

    • Report download: 2.4GHz XBEE Unit remains Sealed
    • Parameters upload: 2.4GHz XBEE Unit remains Sealed
    • Firmware updates: 2.4GHz XBEE Unit remains Sealed
    Data Storage & Reporting

    Data Storage & Reporting

      • Recorded sequential data reports on: Speed, Temp 1, Temp 2, X angle, Z angle, Time & Date
      • Recorded event data reports on: Power on, Power off, Overspeed, Speed/Brake Interlock Activated, Speed Input error
      • Release Tag: RFID

      Oscon is a driver’s aid which operates independently of the machine’s control circuitry, it is not a mechanical aid used to absolve the driver of responsibility. Oscon does not absolve the OEM of any liability in the event that a poorly maintained machine runs away. Oscon cannot save a bad machine.

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